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We've helped more than 450 military spouse business owners, like you, launch and grow their businesses. We feel like you might be next. Ready?


The power of community makes the impossible, possible.


We're a family of milspouses like you; business owners trying to grow their companies despite the challenges inherent to military life. We are milspouse entrepreneurs, leaders, community organizers, goal-setting gurus, personal growth nuts, and we've been saving a seat for you.


As military spouses and entrepreneurs we have a unique set of challenges and making sure that the valuable partnerships you have will be a light in the dark.  Simply put, Milspo Project is my tribe.

Cameron Cruse, R.Riveter


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We're women like you.

Military spouse life doesn't have to be so lonely, connecting with other like-minded military spouses for support, encouragement, and to help celebrate wins in business and life is invaluable. There is something extraordinary that happens when you share your journey with another.




Leveling up has never been so easy. Each month, Milspo Project members receive a downloadable business development workbook. Fill it out on the go, or print it at home if you are the pen-to-paper type. We focus on twelve business themes throughout the year. Topics range from time mastery, to finance, motivation, goal setting and much more. 

Download Milspo's Motivational Playbook »



I LOVE being a part of the Milspo Project because I have found the answers to my prayers for community, sisterhood, next level inspiration and a place to offer my support, expertise and passion to encourage and empower others. 



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Together, we will reach our greatest potential.

Are you a military spouse who had to leave their current position due to a PCS? The struggles you've faced as a military spouse in the workforce have brought you to this moment of clarity. You have what it takes to succeed, and our community of spouses may be just the support you need.


Milspo Project has enabled me to visualize my business, and see it become a functioning and healthy business through meeting with and working alongside some wonderful Milspos who continuously uplift, encourage, and connect me to necessary resources to help my business grow.


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Want to further your business skills and get college credit in the process?
Milspo Project is partnering with accredited institutions to bring you online college-level courses, accessible where ever you may be in the world. MilspoU is open to all verified MP Accelerator Members. Launching Fall 2018.


Milspo Project has really been a breath of fresh air for all of the spouses that have felt like this entrepreneurship journey is the loneliest path on earth.  It's been amazing to feel the instant camaraderie within the groups I work with.


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Milspo Mastermind Sessions

Ready to scale your business? Once a month, MP Members meet to set goals and work on their business in a peer-to-peer environment. Join from any duty station around the world for virtual monthly sessions, hosted by Milspo Project's leadership team.




Bring on the experts!  Throughout the year MP Accelerator Members have access to business specialists and industry experts via our members-only, online, video classroom. Members join live trainings to participate, take notes, and ask questions. All workshops are recorded and are available to watch anytime via our member resource library.


Sometimes it can feel isolating and lonely running a business from your own little corner of the world, but the Milspo Project has given me an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with military spouses everywhere. Our shared values and experiences as military spouse entrepreneurs makes this group so unique and supportive. I'm so happy to have found you!




Member Book Club

Calling all bookworms!
Each month Milspo Project's Managing Editor and Guardian of the Words, Danielle Holmes, leads a virtual book club. Every member who participates is sent a worksheet for personal reflection to fill out before the group discussion. Our book of the month is connected to our larger theme of the month. Our book club is available to both MP Incubator and MP Accelerator members.

Peer Mentorship

Find your tribe.  There is nothing quite as effective as peer accountability and support when it comes to growing professionally and scaling a business. Our members range from large start-up founders to one-woman makers. We all have something to share, especially when it comes to navigating military life as an entrepreneur. Our private, members-only Facebook group, Milspo Member Mastermind, helps MP Accelerator Members connect with military spouse business owners, across the globe, from all walks of life. 


Member Events

Can't wait to meet in person? Milspo Project hosts many live events throughout the year. Our business events are a great opportunity for members to connect and workshop on their businesses together. As a MP member of any type, you receive exclusive rates to all Milspo Project happenings, virtual or in-person.


The Milspo Project is exactly what military spouses need (and have wanted for so long). It's a community to encourage, engage, and learn to be the very best version of ourselves as women, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I have learned so much from the Milspo Project and this incredibly welcoming and humble community.



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Milspo Goal Sheets

Dream bigger and do more than ever before.
You know that setting and achieving goals is important when it comes to accomplishing what you set out to do in your business and personal life. Sometimes knowing where to start isn't easy. With the help of Milspo Project's goal sheets, you will figure out what is most important to you and create a roadmap to help you turn your dreams into reality.


Ready to join?


Ready to grow your leadership muscles, gain business know-how, and develop friendships and camaraderie with other military spouse entrepreneurs? We're a generous business community doing great work we love. We can't wait to welcome you to the family. 

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