Milspo Workshop Series

Each month, Milspo members meet with business experts and industry leaders to learn more about how to grow and lead in their businesses. 

This month we will learning more about habit building on Wednesday October 12th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern.

October's 60-minute workshop Personal Branding for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs is taught by the founder of Pivot Launch Coaching, Mike Hunter.



Do you have to reinvent your job or career every time you move from one part of the country to the next? Do you struggle with being disconnected from your community? In our October workshop, Mike Hunter of Pivot Launch Coaching will teach us the following: 

  1. How to figure out your story and start a brand.
  2. One you know your brand and professional goals, how to build a LinkedIn profile to reflect that.
  3. Real life strategies to build a professional network BEFORE you PCS!

About MIKE

Mike Hunter coaches professionals into authenticity in small towns and big cities around the world. His personal mission is to help professionals and business ride the wave of innovation by building leveraging their professional brand on the LinkedIn platform. 

As a kid, he was friendly to everyone but never really part of one group. Never settling in one group and always.... apart. No surprise then that he got my degree in anthropology; the study of people and cultures. Living with others but always being an outsider.

Pivot Launch Coaching does workshops, seminars and consulting work with: Startups, Military & military spouses, Retirees, Students, Small to medium size companies and Professionals internationally.

*** This is a member only event. To learn more about how to become a Milspo Project member, be sure to visit our member page.