We Accomplish so much together

The Milspo Project is a for-purpose organization and 501c(3) Non-Profit, that believes you can create stronger military families, by helping military spouses find meaning in their lives, and satisfaction through their businesses. Our programs are fully funded by grants, corporate sponsorships, and donations. 100% of online donations go to Milspo Project programs. 

In 2015 We...

+ launched 35+ chapters where milspo business owners set goals and help each other stay accountable

+ doubled the size of the EMBARK business conference

+ were featured in Forbes online

+ were inducted into the DOD's Military Spouse Employment Partnership

+ were invited to brief on military spouse entrepreneurship at the Pentagon

+ sponsored InDependent's Wellness Summit to bring health and lifestyle wellness to military spouses everywhere

+ sponsored MSJDN's annual conference that opens doors for state licensed milspo professionals to work regardless of the state they live in

+ conducted monthly Wine + Webinars bringing knowledge and empowerment into your living room

+ hosted a monthly book club in order to learn from the experts together

In 2016 We Plan To...

+ host our first TWO-DAY Embark Conference in Virginia Beach

+ launch another 20+ local chapters so military spouses everywhere can start and grow businesses together

+ introduce up and coming Milspo business leaders through our Wine and Webinars

+ partner with E-Mentor bringing milspreneurs the newest mentoring capabilities available

+ begin new educational programs designed specifically for the brand new military spouse entrepreneur

+ sponsor like-minded conferences that align with our values of positivity and empowerment that benefit our military spouse community

+ be the preeminent resourceand community for military spouse entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their own business

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