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As military spouses and entrepreneurs we have a unique set of challenges and making sure that you have valuable partnerships will be a light in the dark.  Simply put, Milspo Project is my tribe.

— Cameron Cruse, R.Riveter


I LOVE being a part of the Milspo Project because I have found the answers to my prayers for community, sisterhood, next level inspiration and a place to offer my support, expertise and passion to encourage and empower others. 

— Dr. Patrice Carter, Breakpoint Coaching


Milspo Project has enabled me to visualize my business and see it become a functioning and healthy business through meeting with and working alongside some wonderful Milspos who continuously uplift, encourage, and connect me to necessary resources to help my business grow.

— Brianna Beninati, Based In Design


The Milspo Project has really been a breath of fresh air for all of the spouses that have felt like this entrepreneurship journey is the loneliest path on earth.  It's been amazing to feel the instant camaraderie within the groups I work with."

— Chavah Grant, Vida Chic Designs


Before Milspo Project I was lost on how I would transition my business when we PCS'd.  I remember praying because it felt hopeless.  The next day I attended a Milspo meet-up and I met my now business partner Karina Gafford.  Together we've been able to accomplish so much more and I know that anything is possible with the right people -- Milspo made that happen!

— Lindsey Litton, Lindsey Litton Realty Group


The Milspo Project is exactly what military spouses need (and have wanted for so long). Its a community to encourage, engage, and learn to be the very best version of ourselves as women, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I have learned so much from the Milspo Project and this incredibly welcoming and humble community.

— AMy Shick, Saplacor


Milspo Project is a place for military spouse entrepreneurs of all stages. I joined prior to even having an idea, and the connections I made within this organization helped me create my business! I’m sure OakTree Network wouldn’t exist if I wouldn’t have joined Milspo Project. Members have varying levels of expertise, so there is always something to learn or something to share. A must for all milspouse entrepreneurs!

— Britni Miltner, OakTree Network for military spouses


Milspo was such a life changer for me when we PCS’d two years ago. It was our first PCS. And with quitting my teaching job, knowing no one, and being a Mom of two young boys, I was already feeling isolated in my new community. [Milspo Project] is a tribe of women who are going through what I am going through, but who are badass and continually empower each other to achieve greatness despite the obstacles along our military life journey!!!

— Elissa Conroy, Nutrition Consultant + Wellness Coach


Sometimes it can feel isolating and lonely running a business from your own little corner of the world, but the Milspo Project has given me an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with military spouses everywhere. Our shared values and experiences as military spouse entrepreneurs makes this group so unique and supportive. I'm so happy to have found you!

- Wendy Prichard Hively, Charliemadison Originals


Joining the Milspo Project Mastermind group has been a terrific experience - not only do I get support, but it feels great to support other Milspo businesses too!

- Mandy Snell, FocalPoint Coaching of Virginia and Fair Winds Property Group LLC

I'm such a big fan of what you're doing!  The interviews I've been able to catch have been phenomenal, truly in awe of what you've built for military spouses. Getting to one of your amazing events is on my "must" list . . . hoping you branch out and add some West Coast events in the future! Thanks for your time and dedication to supporting military spouses!

- Diane Helmer, The Nomadic Shop and Sunflower Blue Designs

I am so thankful for their services and support for the military spouse community. Every one who is involved in day to day operation, makes 100% contribution towards the main goal of this organization. I am grateful to keep up with thier services. Elizabeth's regular interactions and prompts are like the icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!

- Naseem Matteson, Small Business ABCs, LLC