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Imagine life where you married someone whose job was so demanding you had to put many, or all, of your dreams on hold.

On this journey you move across state lines (and oceans) every three years. You spend much of your time separated from your spouse. You parent alone. You endure isolation. And when your friends from childhood, high school, and college post about their latest promotion, the amazing job opportunity they took in a new city, or the dream artist in residency they were selected for you are torn between celebration for their success and the realization that somewhere along the way you lost some of yourself as you faced rejection, relocation, and impossible job markets. All the employment challenges inherent to the unpredictability of your partner’s career added up to loss of self. 

These obstacles, and many more, are an example of what military spouses (92 percent are women) face everyday. As a result of military life, 90 percent of military spouses are underemployed. This means that of the current 1,000,000 active and reserve spouses, 900,000 of them are searching for meaningful and lasting employment. 

To actually make a dent in the staggering levels of underemployment, and bring meaningful work back to military spouses everywhere, Milspo Project realized getting business and leadership resources into the hands of military spouses would help more military spouses reach career satisfaction through entrepreneurship. 

Elizabeth Diehl Boardman - Milspo Project Founder

Today, Milspo Project members are part of a peer accountability network of fellow military spouse entrepreneurs that they can access from anywhere in the world, monthly business and goal-settings workbooks, Milspo Mastermind Sessions™, online workshops, and our member business-focused book club. Each year Milspo Project hosts an annual business retreat where military spouse business owners from across the country get the chance to meet in person, work on their businesses in real time, and foster lasting, lifelong support networks. 

Since our membership program launched in Spring of 2016, Milspo Project has helped more than 450 military spouses start and grow their businesses. Looking forward, we are on a mission to help 10,001 military spouses, launch, expand, and reach profitability in their businesses by 2024. 

Our model of access, community, and accountability is helping military spouses leverage their existing skills, integrate them into their offerings as business owners, build a business they love, despite inflexibilities of military life, and have an opportunity to contribute to their family’s financial and future well being. 

A strong military family of the future, starts with a fulfilled military spouse.

Milspo Project's Chief Dreamer and Founder, Elizabeth Diehl Boardman. Ready to meet the rest of the team?

Milspo Project's Chief Dreamer and Founder, Elizabeth Diehl Boardman. Ready to meet the rest of the team?