We're world changers.

Milspo Project is a fun, generous, and hard working, global community of military spouse entrepreneurs who believe in meaningful employment through entrepreneurship.  Together, we are embracing the unpredictability of military life.  We're redefining what it means to be a successful milspouse business owner in today's world, guided by our member-centered mission.


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Military spouse entrepreneurs across the world are meeting online with other like-minded milspreneurs, once a month, via video chat to network, share ideas, encourage one another, and learn more about business through the process of goal setting and peer accountability. 

Annual Conference

Meet military-spouse business owners navigating the same entrepreneurial waters as you while learning from leading industry experts. Our two-day MilspoCON 2017 in Wilmington, NC for military spouse entrepreneurs will be both informational and inspirational, you won't want to miss it. 

Workbooks + Workshops

Take the next step in starting or growing your small business while leading the military-spouse lifestyle by signing up to become a Milspo Project Member.  Receive access to exclusive membership perks and workshops, while connecting with other military spouse leaders.