(Re)launch: Same values, new resources, more member goodness

(Re)launch: Same values, new resources, more member goodness

Milspo Project has seen many iterations since our humble beginnings as a gathering in the donated business space of a North Carolina church. For the past 18 months (since our original membership launch), we’ve been trying to figure out our identity in this digital world–one that aligns with the needs and seasons milspos like us face on our journey through the other side of military service.

Many heart-filled conversations about Milspo Project’s direction have taken place this past year, and as of today, we're thrilled to announce the official (re)launch of Milspo Project membership!

After many discussions, we realized we needed to: create a member space that was accessible 24-7, organize our member resources more effectively, and also include those folks who didn’t want to be on social media to participate in our resources. We are also committed to providing more solutions-focused resources for our members and being able to speak more clearly to the various stages your businesses are in.

Starting today, we’ll be sharing and storing our member resources past and present in a new home online. This Member Resource Library will include all recordings of Milspo Project expert workshops and “Ask Me Anything” interviews moving forward. Member monthly workbooks will be there, too, plus exclusive member goodies rolling out each quarter, including: checklists, resources, playlists, and more.

What about MP's Facebook community group? Fret not. We will still be gathering in our Facebook Mastermind Group (soon to be rebranded as our MP Accelerator) to foster relationships and connections; provide real-time, peer-suggested solutions to your business needs; and make announcements regarding upcoming workshops and live resources for your business.

These exciting changes include a new, two-tiered, monthly membership model.

Incubator Membership: Baby milspouse biz owners, 1099ers, and side hustles.

Accelerator Membership: Established military spouse biz owners (EIN # required).

Both membership models have a dedicated a member library and online member group so no matter your stage of business, or duty station, you can connect with other like-minded military spouses across the globe.

Milspo Project hopes to continue to create a safe and educational space where connections happen, access to experts and resources is plentiful, and community is alive and well everyday.

If you have belonged to Milspo Project's family for a while now, thank you for being a part of our formative years. If you are new here, welcome. We can't wait to see what this new chapter brings for all the military spouses we serve. 

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