My French tutor's best-kept business secret

My French tutor's best-kept business secret

Last year I was reviewing my 10-year goals (set 10 years ago 😬) and realized I had not achieved Dream No. 12 on my list titled, ‘Become Fluent in French’.

So, now twice a week I go to a local coffee shop to take French lessons from a woman named Rebekah.

She insists we learn conversational French instead of the type of French where you focus on writing and verb conjugation. According to her: “If you can read French but can’t understand the spoken word, you’re in big trouble.”

So last week, there we were, me sitting across from Rebekah, my 5-month-old baby on my knee in a loud coffee shop.

Me: Racking my brain for what broken memories I had from high school French class.

Rebekah: No mercy, not slowing down, not giving in, **only** speaking fluent French to me.

. . . then bam! My miniature ah-ha moment hit me!

People need to treat business a little more like language immersion and a lot less like traditional education.

Here are the correlations I considered later that day . . .

👉You really don’t learn much about business unless you put yourself out there in a BIG way. Like French lessons you have to take risks, you have to be vulnerable, you have to marble-mouth your way through the verb “to see” in a noisy coffee shop, even when it's uncomfortable. Trial and error is a big part of running a profitable business. There’s dream it and then there is do it.

👉There are lots of ways to keep yourself occupied in the “launch” stage of business, between books, the massive amount of coaching content and opt-in offers, and online seminars. You can really keep yourself “busy” (i.e. distracted) without actually taking action in your business.  

👉When I first learned French, it was in an oversized textbook closet that had been converted to a classroom (I wish I was joking), and my teacher was a French-Canadian Jesuit Priest, honestly, you can’t make this stuff up. He used to smack us on the side of the head with a bible when we pronounced our French homework incorrectly. Yes, if you are doing the math I went to high school in the 2000s, not the 1950s. Point being, that style of high-pressure learning really doesn’t serve me. Some mentors really know their stuff when it comes to business, and other people just aren’t meant to teach, or honestly aren’t successful business owners themselves. Beware of the business advice you adopt on your journey.

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À tout à l’heure!

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