Keeping your center solid

Keeping your center solid

For the past few weeks we’ve been downsizing our lives, moving out of our home of three years, and preparing to hit the road in a 1976 Airstream Sovereign. Like most moves (and PCSs) it has come with what seems like a disproportionate amount of unforeseen stress.

I won’t bore you with the details, but being 28-weeks pregnant, moving in the 100+ degree days of summer, a restless dog in tow, arguments with the hubby, more than two weeks living out of a hotel and car, and running a company that is currently on summer break (and undergoing a fair amount transitions), has pretty much broken down this soon-to-be mama and military spouse.

Despite all of the stress, it hasn’t come without its share of clarity, which scraping the bottom corners of one’s world always seems do for you.

Mine came just few days ago. Earlier in the week I was walking to my car to retrieve my cell phone which I left in passenger seat. It was 3:30 in the morning, and we had just wrapped up a late night of cleaning our place to prepare for the new tenants who were moving in the next day. I was exhausted.

As I melted into a puddle of tears in the front seat, I asked myself: “Where did this move get so off track? Why has this dream of living tiny in our Airstream turned into so many ugly arguments between my husband and me? Why do I already feel so far away from the life I was living a few weeks ago?”

Then, in a voice I could hear as clear as if someone was in the passenger seat next to me, I heard:  “Keep your center solid.”

Feeling a little unnerved, I felt like it was definitely time for bed. The next morning though, I mulled over this experience which felt very spiritual while drinking morning tea. I mean, “What does ‘keep your center solid’ truly mean?”

I think what God, the Universe, or my sleep-deprived psyche was trying to tell me is get back to what you believe and know for sure. When we take time to realign with our values, our center is always solid, no matter the situation or the place on the map you happen to land.

Returning to my values, which keeps my center solid, is how I could have prevented much of the pain I was experiencing. Revisiting my values often would have pretty much saved me the past few weeks.

Earlier this year, we came together as a team to decide what Milspo Project Believes. Revisiting those values has not only reset direction for the organization, but helped me make tough leadership decisions these past few months.

That is the beauty of keeping your center solid and living in alignment with your values. The hard work is done for you, and the decision has been made before the problem has presented itself. Whatever is in alignment with your values is the answer, and it will bring you back to the truest version of you.

Have you had a similar experience of clarity about re-aligning yourself with your values? What happened? Let us know in the comments below this post!

Keep at it

Keep at it