Close more deals with 'Biff's Three P's of Selling'

Close more deals with 'Biff's Three P's of Selling'

Since my younger siblings found it hard to say Elizabeth, my nickname growing up was Biff.

Biff, a derivative of Beth because those “th” sounds can be tough for the littles to pronounce, was not the most feminine of nicknames. I actually did not love it until I was a bit older. In our home, it wasn’t uncommon to hear: “Biff, can you help me with this,” or “Biff, mom said we could go only if you come with us.”

As the oldest of six kids, I was often asked to help out by driving my little sister to school or taking care of my baby brother if my mom and dad were sick or busy. I also got roped into the dreaded “kid” activities that I felt too cool to do, but ultimately, the needs of my younger sibs outweighed my preteen angst in my parents' eyes.

Anyways, one summer I cracked the code. No more spray parks or Disney’s Dumbo on repeat for this girl, it was time for little ol’ Biff to get what she wanted. I decided to put my foot down, or at least that is what I started trying.

That summer I began to understand the power of persuasion, and it wasn’t until decades later that I saw how what I learned benefitted me in the various sales roles I have held throughout my working life.

Biff’s Three P’s of Selling:

  1. Personify It - As a kid, I knew I had to play to my audience if I was going to get what I wanted. For example, the needs and reality of my 7-year-old sister were different than my 40-year-old father’s. Like business sales, you need to know your how to speak someone’s language before you can sell to them, like what industry and business they are in, and what experiences shape their decision making.

  2. Perceive It - Status roles are everything when it comes to sales. You’re perceived status in any given situation will affect your ability to woo a potential client. If you know your status role going into a sales pitch, you can craft your language accordingly, and swing the sale in your favor.

  3. Paint It - “Paint a positive picture and you’re more than halfway to sealing that deal.” -Biff - If you understand someone’s dreams, you can sell to them through pleasure instead of pain. While pain points can definitely help motivate a buyer, aligning yourself with a person’s highest self and future dreams is a much easier way to close the deal.

While motivating someone through pain can get you a sale, motivating someone through pleasure can win you a customer for life, which is a much larger return on your investment of time.

There are many effective sales tactics swirling around in the biz world. One thing to remember is to keep sales a human thing. It should not feel forced and robotic, you need to keep the customer's dreams and desires at the heart of the sale.

Sales should feel natural because you’re helping someone get something they need or want, and that is a beautiful thing!

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I’m curious, what has your childhood taught you about people or sales? Comment below and let us know.

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