Business Name/Occupation: Unbranded AR/ Owner


Tell us about your business! I run the e-commerce website,, which specializes in the domestic manufacture and sale of AR-15 parts. While servicing a retail front-end, the website also possesses a robust wholesale back-end, servicing hundreds of small, medium, and large firearms stores and distributors across the country.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth. I also enjoy the challenge of identifying a need and being able to contribute to niche markets that have not yet been serviced.

Why do military spouses make great entrepreneurs? Military spouses are some of the smartest, finest, and most resilient people our country has to offer. Additionally, military spouses have the security of a spouse with an income, health care, eligibility for service programs, and lending options. Entrepreneurs within the military spouse community will identify their advantages and waste no time in turning goals into reality.

What is a "blocker" for you in business. What holds you back? Being in the firearms industry means banks will not lend to you. My husband and I really had to believe in our business plan, forsake a quality of living enjoyed by our peers, and invest EVERYTHING we had toward the business. Running a cash business has slowed our growth, but it also has rewarding benefits, and we’ve never looked back.

How has being a military spouse changed your for the better? The faith and character of my husband are the things that have made being married to a military man rewarding. The multiple-relocations, finding new friends, and finding ways to succeed in new, unfamiliar environments has pushed my growth significantly.

What strengths do you possess, that you did not know you had, until you became an entrepreneur?: Every month I set higher goals than I think are possible. The result has proven to me, month over month, that you REALLY CAN achieve more than you think is possible. I now expect greater results in every aspect of my life. Before, my own goals were my limit.

What would you tell a milspo entrepreneur who is feeling discouraged? Jim Rohn says you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I’d encourage them to seek out a network of friends with a positive attitude and similar goals. Milspo is a PERFECT place to meet other like-minded and encouraging entrepreneurs!

What are your five favorite things that you can not live without as a milspo entrepreneur? God, my husband, the internet, working out, and ice cream.

What is the most amazing thing you have experienced in your business thus far? Each month when I balance my Quickbook accounts, I high five my husband for that NEW feeling of having accomplished another successful month, together.

How do you want to be remembered? I want to do God’s will, be positive, influence my environment accordingly, and raise kids who will do the same.

Twitter: RockyHarrigan

Instagram: @RockysGuns

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