Name: Tamara Davis

Business Name/Occupation: Tamara Davis' Travel


Tell us about your business! I own my own travel business. I am travel agent, who works from home. I can book travel worldwide from my personal business site or any travel site like Expedia, Priceline, etc and receive a commission. I also earn residual pay whenever I sign someone else up to join the business as a certified travel agent or a referral agent.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship? I chose entrepreneurship, because I wanted a flexible career. Being an Army spouse, and moving every three-four years can be hard. I'm also a DOD civilian, an Army combat veteran, and hold a secondary degree.

Why do military spouses make great entrepreneurs? We make great entrepreneurs because we understand life. Life can be hard, and also very rewarding. Chaka Khan wrote a song called "I'm Every Woman" this is true for military spouses. We have to be wives, sounding boards, battle buddies, mothers, homemakers, therapist, and make our spouses look good. There are times when we have to be mother and father. We understand and overcome most obstacles that many people could not even fathom.

What is a "blocker" for you in business. What holds you back? Time management. I'm currently working full time, have three children and pursing a graduate degree.

How has being a military spouse changed your for the better? Being a spouse has given me an empathy for spouses that I did not have as a soldier.

What strengths do you possess, that you did not know you had, until you became an entrepreneur? Being able to help other people achieve financial independence.

What would you tell a milspo entrepreneur who is feeling discouraged? You can work your job part time and be successful, but you can't work it sometimes.

What are your five favorite things that you can not live without as a milspo entrepreneur?  Internet, my computer, friends whom support me, social networks, and prayer.

What is the most amazing thing you have experienced in your business thus far? Traveling for a discount and earning and income to do it. Getting paid to travel.

How do you want to be remembered? As someone who worked hard and gave back.

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Instagram: Tamara_davis_travel

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