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Milspreneur's Business Name and Info: Military Property Project. LLC
(706) 341-8367

Three websites built by Lauren include: - access to a nationwide network of active duty mil spouse Scouts ready to assist long distance military families. - the main site providing education and resources to military landlords - crowd sourced recommendation database for home improvement, repair and maintenance service contractors.

Lauren is simply amazing. She has grit, determination and a giving spirit. Lauren's entrepreneurial journey started years ago when she built a program for the Army to obtain and manage FRG rosters and information. She has also developed websites to help military families organize and manage the PCS process. She has also founded GetMeGeeky to teach consumers how to use Apple products and resources.

Lauren's latest entrepreneurial adventure is Military Property Project. She has built a suite of websites all with the common goal to educate and provide resources for homeowners, long distance military landlords and tenants. Her company MPP has built a nationwide network of military spouse Scouts available to assist long distance landlords and military families when they can't be two places at once. Lauren created Keepboard for military families to share their recommendations and contacts for home repair, maintenance and improvement. She hasn't stopped there, she recently started developing MPP's next website to help military families manage their rental properties online.

Lauren is an Army spouse. She has volunteered as an FRG leader for several years and during several deployments. She has four children, three of which she home schools. Lauren loves to workout, sew, and spend time with family and friends.

The Milspo Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that educates and empowers military spouse entrepreneurs.

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