by Nicole Hope, The Milspo Project Co-Founder

Did you know that the social network, Facebook, has the fastest growing population in the world? Everyone from celebrities to your grandma has an account. Do you know what that means for your business? You are clicks away from entering the home of all of your possible customers! As a consumer, yes, this sounds terrifying. But let's think about this with our business hats for a little bit.

Years ago (many years ago), advertisements were drawn by artists and posted in the public square or announced by the town crier. Finally, the newspaper was invented, and businesses were able to share their advertisements with their readers. If you walked past a store front, you may happen to catch an advertisement in a window. With TV, came an onslaught of obvious advertising through commercials that aired between your favorite shows. A generation into the age of the internet, and we now live in the time of social advertising. What exactly is that?

Social advertising is a form of internet advertising that relies on the reviews and recommendations of your friends and social network.

For example, you may think your friend Jessica always has great style and looks fabulous every time she walks out the door. If only you could know how to shop like her! Then one day, you see on your Facebook news feed an advertisement from Anthropolgie. It says Jessica and 49 other friends "like this"! You notice several other brands that pop up from time to time that Jessica has also “liked”. In no time at all, you are able to discover even more great brands based on Jessica's likes on Facebook. With Anthropoligie and Jessica's powers combined, you are now a fan and buying customer.

Facebook has a powerful social ad tool algorithm, that is ESSENTIAL for military spouse owned businesses.

In our military world, where we can't rely on sales from just our local area and are constantly needing to change our audience demographic, the Facebook Ad tool is indispensable. If you haven't used it yet, I challenge you to give it a try this week! We will get into the weeds of its abilities later, but for now, go to your Facebook business page, click on the “Promote” button on the right side of the screen, and then click on “Go To Ads Manager.” This is where all the magic happens! Drive people to your website, to like your page, to like a specific post, etc. Explore this page for a little bit, and then check in next week as we get into...