By Nicole Hope The Milspo Project, Co-Founder

5 reasons you should immediately quit considering entrepreneurship if you are a military spouse

We've all heard why you might want to start your own business (especially from The Milspo Project!). However, we are here to convince you today that you definitely should NOT be a business owner if the following list sounds like you. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you are just not entrepreneur material.

1. You feel safe under that ceiling.

Ceilings are great! They keep you dry on a rainy day and keep you cool from the scorching sun. Sure, you can't go any higher than the top of that room your in. Your salary will top out eventually while you work for someone else, but you are SAFE.

2. It's comforting having someone else be in charge of your schedule.

There's something reassuring about waking up at the same time every single day and then coming home at the same time every single day. You never have to worry about when you're taking lunch, because it's at the same time every single day. When will you get a day off work?? Oh yeah, Saturday and Sunday . . . it’s the same every week.  As an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility of setting your own schedule and vacation days! If you want to go on an African safari and work from your laptop with satellite wifi, or only want to work a two-day work week when your loved one is getting ready to deploy or has just returned, or want to take off federal holidays when your service member gets a long weekend, that's on YOU.  Good luck with all the pressure.

Entry level jobs are perfect for the military spouse who moves every couple of years and has no desire to ever grow in skills and experience.

3. You love working minimum wage jobs with none of that pressure that Comes with upper management.

Boss shmoss. Who wants all that responsibility? Entry level jobs are perfect for the military spouse who moves every couple of years and has no desire to ever grow in skills and experience. When IT hits the fan, your hands are clean and mind is clear. You have no responsibility, so therefore have no worries when mistakes are made. Of course, you also don't really get to reap any of the rewards when your company has a record sales year. But how about that 10 percent employee discount and 50 cent raise every year?

4. The idea of making an impact sounds exhausting.

While all the those military spouse entrepreneurs are busy investing in the economies of their communities, leaving a legacy they can pass down to their children, and making an impact on their world in a tangible way, you have time to kick back and watch a Scandal marathon on Netflix. You do you, girlfriend.

5. You truly have an exceptional job that you LOVE. 

While 1-4 may be a bit silly and satirical, truthfully, if you LOVE what you do and believe in the organization’s mission that you are currently employed with, hold on to that job an invest your heart and soul into it. Most of us who are military spouse entrepreneurs found ourselves there by circumstance because we were unable to find that intersection of responsibility, creativity, and mission in the workforce every time we PCSed (tweet that). We are truly excited for you and thrilled for our corporate brothers and sisters. Rock on!

We want to hear from you. What advice would you give a military spouse who is not sure if entrepreneurship is a right choice for them? Maybe you are on the fence too? Let us know in the comments below!