Friends of The MILSPO Project,

     Will you consider partnering with us? This past August, we publicly launched The MILSPO Project with our first annual EMBARK conference. The MILSPO Project's mission is to encourage and empower military spouses in their entrepreneurial dreams through live events. We believe that small businesses are the heart beat of America, and that military spouses have a unique capability in this growing sector. EMBARK is our signature event – an inspirational and educational conference with experts in the fields of entrepreneurship that speak directly to the specific strengths of the military spouse and the challenges they face. The conference was an incredible success, and we are already excited about and gearing up for EMBARK 2015 on
September 12, 2015.

    As a volunteer organization, we have the passion and willpower to make EMBARK 2015 and The Milspo Project’s other programs an even greater, more impactful success than last year. However, we need help in the area of finances! This year, we have an estimated $20,000 worth of expenses ranging from booking venues and speakers for our various live events to funding a  brand new 9-Week E-Course geared towards military spouses on how to start and sucessfully run a start up small business!

     One of our preferred methods of raising funds is through our Corporate Sponsorship Program. Yes, it provides us money to fund our programs. Just as importantly, it establishes a relationship between your business and our organization that we can mutually benefit from in many other ways! We want your business expertise, your leadership involved in our conferences, and your wisdom to share with our local chapter members! In return, we want to support your business through advertising on our website, giving you free admission to EMBARK, and encouraging our members to be loyal supporters of your organization.

    EMBARK 2014 was a huge success. Military spouses left feeling motivated and excited about pursuing their dreams of owning a small business. If you would like to give back to this military community and expand our reach, you will be helping military spouses achieve the ultimate American dream.

Nicole M. Hope
Co-Founder, Vice President
The Milspo Project

Photo Credit: Caroline Lima Photography