ARTIST'S STATEMENT: The amaryllis flower is forced into bloom. During the cold, barren winter months, one can often see the striking blooms radiating beauty against the winter white landscape. The stalks are thick, forming a support system for the delicate, yet hardy blooms. 

Military spouses are part of a vast and deeply rooted network of some of the strongest individuals I know. We do what we need to do, without complaint, and often without thanks. Persevering through tying circumstances, daily, is part of who we are, regardless of whether or not we think ourselves capable. There was a time not so long ago that I hoped I could be the strong, independent woman I so aspired to be. Day in, and day out, the culmination of a thousand tiny things, like pulling weeds at our house when my hubby is away, dragging the trash out to the curb on Sunday nights, and being there to kiss my little guy’s scraped knees, have caused me to see that I am made for this role. All the small, sometimes seemingly insignificant pieces of our lives form us, refine us, and define us. I am far from perfect, but at the same time, I can be a rock of security, joy, and belonging for our little boy; I can be a force of love, encouragement, and faithful commitment to my husband, who is leagues away from here, on his deployment with the MEU. I think each and every one of us is capable of more than we give ourselves credit for, and this painting celebrates that quiet beauty and strength. 

Current Bid: $2,200.00


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